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Rigomagno is an historical, medieval village located in one of the most beautiful and authentic areas of Tuscany; one that is most definitely off the beaten track.
Rigomagno’s location makes it the ideal place from which to visit all of central Italy, from the major cities – Siena, Perugia, Arezzo (only one hour by car from Rigomagno), Florence and Rome, to the most beautiful Tuscan towns and villages such as Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino, Montefollonico………….

Rigomagno is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany for taking walks in a countryside that is still virtually unspoiled, and for discovering the type of exceptional landscape that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly rare.
It isn’t possible to recommend any one route because wherever you go, the countryside is magnificent – from the colour of the flowers and the scent of aromatic herbs, to the enchantment it offers to those who love this part of Tuscany for its authenticity and for the fact that it is outside the circuit of mass tourism.

The village of Rigomagno is the ideal vacation spot for those who love cycling.
There are many routes, each one as charming as the others.
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Rigomagno is also the perfect place for those who love to fish, as the famous Calcione dam is located here. It’s the source of one of the largest reservoirs in central Italy, Lake Calcione – about 4 km long and up to 500 m wide. It’s a deep-water lake in which there are carp, tench, royal perch, pike and black bass. It is possible to fish in the lake and to practice spinning and carp fishing.
RIgomagno and spas
Rigomagno is the ideal spot for those who love to soak in the timeless warmth of a hot springs bath or surrender to a relaxing massage while immersed in nature. The village is only a few minutes away by car from Rapolano Terme, a renowned hot springs centre. There are two lovely spas there: the “Terme San Giovanni” (St. John’s Springs) and the “Stabilimento Termale Antica Querciolaia” (Ancient Oaks Hot Springs Spa).

Proloco Rigomagno
Proloco Lucignano
Proloco Sinalunga
Proloco Rapolano


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