What’s to see

Rigomagno is the ideal vacation spot for those who love the genuine relaxation of the Tuscan countryside.
Completely off the beaten track, it’s a place where even today the passage of time is harmonized with the rhythm of nature and signaled by the tolling of village bells.
It’s the perfect spot for anyone who loves to relax by stretching out on the lawn in the shade of an olive tree and reading a good book, or wandering along country roads that are lined with scented flowers, or fishing in Lake Calcione, or unwinding in the ancient hot springs, or for anyone who loves to explore old roads by bicycle and lose themselves in the breathtaking scenery……….or to listen to the sound of grasses swaying in the wind, or the melody of the sacred music of the Monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, or to sing at the Monastery of Sant’Antimo, where courses in liturgical singing are offered during which every aspect of the human voice is studied Mass tourism doesn’t find its way to Rigomagno, there are no lines to form and there’s only one, small grocery store.
But Rigomagno is also the ideal place for those who want to disconnect from, but not entirely abandon the fast pace of the city because it’s only a few minutes away from two large shopping centres and 30 minutes by car from Siena.

Da vedere:
– A detail of note is that the streets of this village intertwine with a symmetry that’s typical of the major medieval Tuscan centres, to arrive at the piazza where all major public and community activities once took place. – The Piazza of Rigomagno.
– the Parish Church of St. Marcellino (previously the Church of St. Martin) is in the Romanesque style with a nave that dates from the 11th century and impresses the visitor with its many altars: the Great Altar, the Altar of the Rosary, the Altar of St. Anthony, the Altar of St. Michael, the Altar of the Madonna of Carmine, the Altar of the Holy Cross, the Altar of the Conception of Mary.
– In front of the church there is a beautiful well.

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